Customer Centric Leadership

“Poor customer experiences result in an estimated $83 Billion loss by US enterprises each year because of defections and abandoned purchases.”


An organization’s leadership must recognize, champion, communicate and live the transformation and change required for exceptional customer experience.  Leaders can accelerate the benefits of customer centric change by setting high expectations, leading by example, and creating targeted emphasis on the journey of the customer.

True customer centric leadership means:

  • Changing your lens. Seeing your business from the customer’s viewpoint will uncover some exciting new opportunities to explore. Thoughtful and consistent commitment to the customer view is critical.
  • Being disruptive. The status quo is comfortable. Your entire team and every associate in your organization must realize the effort, the change, and the rewards of customer centricity.
  • Casting a wide, and deep, net. More communication, involving all levels of the organization, digging into complex interactions, planning and strategizing requires everyone’s involvement.
  • Genuineness and support. Empty phrases or T-shirt slogans such as “the customer is job number one” or “the customer drives our business” or “we deliver exceptional customer experience” aren’t customer centric, they are rhetoric.
  • Walking the walk. Every associate in your organization is an internal customer to each other. Being customer centric means setting the example and providing a model for new behaviors and emotional connections.
  • Dancing with push back. “We’re already doing customer experience,” “that’s customer services’ job,” “I don’t know how to do it,” “emotional engagement – that doesn’t belong in business.” The phrases of dismissal. Through your change you will learn to deal with resistance.

Understanding and designing your customer strategy is transformational change. Just as you must be innovative and dedicated to designing the new experience, you must be creative and disciplined in managing change for your organization.

Let us help you find ways to champion your organization on the customer centric journey.

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